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Wood filter

April 19, 2023

Wood filter


The structure of the diesel filter is roughly the same as that of the oil filter, there are two kinds of interchangeable and rotary mounted. But its working pressure and oil temperature resistance requirements are much lower than the oil filter, and its filtration efficiency requirements are much higher than the oil filter. The filter element of diesel filter adopts filter paper, also adopts felt or polymer material. In addition to filtering mechanical impurities in diesel oil, another important function of diesel filter is to filter water. The existence of water is very harmful to the diesel engine oil supply system, corrosion, wear, damage cylinder piston ring will even produce cylinder pulling phenomenon and can worsen the diesel combustion process. According to the different liquid density, the diesel filter system can separate the water through the fluid flow control technology to filter the water effect.
Oil-water separator is the instrument that will leave the oil and water, which is mainly divided into oil water separator and water oil separator in mechanism. It is mainly divided into industrial oil water separator, commercial oil water separator and home oil water separator. In terms of separation principle, there are oil-water separator with membrane filtration, oil-water separator with lipophilic materials, unpowered oil-water separator with different specific gravity and demulsification oil-water separator with pharmacological action. Oil-water separator is mainly used in petrochemical industry, automobile industry, sewage treatment industry, etc.
Automobile oil and water separator is a kind of fuel filter, the main role is to remove the water in diesel fuel, in order to reduce the nozzle fault, extend the service life of the engine. The principle is mainly based on the density difference of water and fuel, the use of gravity sedimentation principle to remove impurities and water separator, and the internal diffusion cone, filter and other separation components. The oil-water separator has other functions, such as pre-heating the fuel to prevent wax formation, filtering impurities and so on.

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