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What is the cause of the yellow light on engine fault?

March 27, 2023

What is the cause of the yellow light on engine fault?

The engine fault yellow light has the following 11 reasons and solutions:

1, the car in the power when the self-test, not only the engine failure light, other failure lights will also be on.

Solution: It goes out after a few seconds, which is normal.

2, parts problems, parts failure will lead to engine failure yellow light.

Solution: Replace spark plug, air filter, gasoline filter, oil and oil filter within the specified time, to avoid excessive emissions or lack of fire and other failure phenomena.

3. The ECU system is faulty.

Solution: For safety's sake, it's best to drive at a low speed or stop, and go to a nearby repair shop for inspection and maintenance.

4. If the car cannot continue to run or even start after the engine fault light is on, this situation is caused by the failure of the fuel pump or ignition system.

Solution: Call a tow truck for help.

What's the yellow light on the engine? - Driving
5. The oxygen sensor is faulty. If the oxygen sensor is damaged or the sensor plug is damaged or loose, the mixture will be too thin or too thick, resulting in a fault light.

Solution: Drive to the nearest maintenance station as soon as possible.

6, gasoline quality is poor, not up to standard. Generally, it is because poor quality gasoline is added in non-standard gas stations, resulting in insufficient combustion of oil and gas mixture when the engine is working. The dashboard lights up yellow.

Solution: Fill up at a regular, reputable gas station.

7, spark plug carbon deposition. Excessive carbon accumulation will lead to reverse breakdown of ignition coil, which will lead to ignition coil failure, cause poor ignition, resulting in incomplete combustion. The fault light will come on.

What's the yellow light on the engine? - Driving
Solution: Use a quality gasoline cleaner based on the condition of the vehicle to reduce the impact of carbon buildup and gum on the fuel system, intake system and exhaust system.

8. Engine cylinder missing. The absence of engine cylinder will also be accompanied by the following phenomenon: large fuel consumption, black smoke, car acceleration is weak, shaking is serious, and noise will increase. The fault light will come on.

Solution: Go to the 4S shop for repair.

What's the yellow light on the engine? - Driving
9. Some vehicle transmission system failures are also indicated by engine failure lights, such as internal transmission failures, slippage, high temperature, etc.

Solution: Go to the 4S shop for repair.

What's the yellow light on the engine? - Driving
10, air intake problem: when the engine is burning, it needs air intake, at this time the air filter element is very important, if the air filter element is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause the air inlet blockage, serious engine failure, engine fault light on.

Solution: Clean the air filter element regularly to ensure that the engine air intake is clean and tidy.

11, maintenance problems: the vehicle will have a maintenance cycle, if not on time to the vehicle maintenance, coupled with poor driving habits, for a long time, will also cause some damage to the engine, engine failure lights will be lit.

Solution: Regularly to the 4s shop for vehicle maintenance, at the same time in the daily driving to maintain good driving habits.

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