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What are the engine gaskets for?

April 17, 2023

What are the engine gaskets for?


1, function: ensure the sealing between the cylinder head and the cylinder block, prevent air leakage, oil leakage, water leakage.

2. Meet the requirements:

(1) In the condition of high temperature and pressure to have enough strength, is not easy to be destroyed.

(2) With a certain degree of elasticity, can compensate for the uneven contact surface, good sealing.

(3) Heat resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.

(4) will not stick to the cylinder head or cylinder block, can be reused.

3. Classification:

(1) Metal asbestos pad: with asbestos as the matrix, outsourcing copper or steel skin, asbestos sandwiched with metal wire or metal cutting, in order to strengthen thermal conductivity, balance the temperature of the cylinder block and the cylinder head, this kind of cylinder pad has good elasticity and heat resistance, is widely used.

(2) Metal plate type cylinder pad: made of low carbon steel or copper sheet stamping general, high strength engine uses pure metal cylinder pad, in order to ensure better sealing, in the water hole and oil hole and combustion chamber hole around, stamping out has a certain height flange, generally used 2-3 times.

(3) Metal skeleton - asbestos pad: with metal mesh or perforated steel plate as the skeleton, covered with asbestos and adhesive extrusion. The surface is coated with graphite powder and other lubricants, only in the combustion chamber hole, water hole, oil hole around the metal edge, this kind of cylinder cushion elasticity is good, but easy to stick.

(4) with. At present, the development of new sealing materials, some engines use a single thin steel plate with heat-resistant sealant, or directly use heat-resistant sealant instead of metal pad.

Generally using heat-resistant sealant or pure metal steel cushion stone, often on the engine cylinder head and cylinder block surface smoothness requirements.

4. Methods and precautions for installing cylinder gaskets:

(1) When installing the cylinder pad with flanging, if the material of the cylinder block and the cylinder head are the same, one side of the cylinder head will be flanged. If the cylinder is made of cast iron, and the cylinder head is aluminum alloy, the flange side is oriented towards the cylinder, and the strength of the cylinder is not easy to wear damage.

(2) In the case of letters marked on the cylinder gasket, the marks or letters will be directed towards the cylinder head.

(3) When pressing the cylinder head, in order to avoid serious consequences caused by uneven deformation of the cylinder head and cylinder cushion, the cylinder head bolts should be tightened 2~3 times from the middle to both sides, and the last example sentence should conform to the manufacturer's regulations.

Disassembly should be measured from both sides to the middle. Divided into 2~3 times loose, the cylinder head is strictly prohibited in the hot state of disassembly and installation.

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