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Transmission function

April 18, 2023

Transmission function

(1) Change the transmission ratio to meet the needs of traction under different driving conditions, make the engine work in favorable working conditions as far as possible, and meet the possible driving speed requirements. Change the speed of the car and the torque on the car's driving wheels over a wide range of areas. Because of the different driving conditions, the driving speed and driving torque can be changed in a wide range. For example, the speed on expressways should reach 100km/h, while in urban areas, the speed is usually around 50km/h. When an empty car is driving on a straight road, the driving resistance is very small. When a full load is going uphill, the driving resistance is very large. The characteristic of automobile engine is that the variation range of speed is small, and the variation range of torque can not meet the actual road conditions.
(2) To achieve reverse driving, to meet the needs of the car driving backwards. To achieve reverse driving, the engine crankshaft can generally only rotate in one direction, and the car sometimes needs to be able to travel backwards, so the reverse gear set in the gearbox is often used to achieve reverse driving.
(3) Interrupt power transmission. When the engine starts, idles, the car shifts or needs to stop for power output, the power transmission to the driving wheel will be interrupted.
(4) to achieve neutral, when the clutch engages, the gearbox can not output power. For example, the driver can be guaranteed to release the clutch pedal and leave the driver's seat while the engine is running.

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