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The working principle and characteristic of automobile starter

March 29, 2023

The working principle and characteristic of automobile starter



1. Working principle of starter

The working principle of the starter can be illustrated by the working principle of its main component, the DC motor. A DC motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is based on the principle that a charged conductor is subjected to an electromagnetic force in a magnetic field. How it works is shown in the figure. Because the torque produced by a coil is too small and the speed is unstable, the armature of the motor actually has many coils around it, and the number of reversing plates increases accordingly with the increase of the coils. To ensure the production of sufficient torque and stable speed


2. Working characteristics of starter

In DC motor, according to the magnetic field winding and the connection of the winding, can be divided into series excitation, parallel excitation and compound excitation three kinds. Most of the starters used in automobiles are series direct current motors, which are characterized as follows:


1. Large starting torque

2. Soft mechanical characteristics (i.e. high speed in light load, low speed in heavy load)

3. Characteristic curve of starter

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