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​The role of the cylinder head?

April 13, 2023

 ​The role of the cylinder head


The main purpose of the cylinder head is to seal the cylinder so that it forms a closed space, which allows the piston to properly compress the fuel and gas mixture to produce power.

The composition of the cylinder head is more complex, generally including the intake valve seat hole, exhaust valve seat hole, valve conduit hole, spark plug installation hole, intake pipe, exhaust pipe, CAM bearing hole, etc., the cylinder head is generally made of gray cast iron, alloy cast iron or aluminum alloy, it is a complex box parts. According to its structure type, the cylinder head can be divided into integral, block and single type.

Cylinder head requirements:

1, the stiffness and strength is relatively large, not easy to deformation, to ensure the sealing effect,

2. The layout is reasonable to ensure the normal operation of the engine.

3. The manufacturing process must meet the standards to prevent friction with other parts.

Symptoms of vehicle caused by cylinder head damage:

1. Abnormal engine jitter.

2, the car power down, step on the accelerator, or even lose power.

3. Engine knock.

On the car daily beauty care needs to pay attention to matters.

1, according to the provisions of maintenance.

2. It is best to add high-quality fuel oil.

3, timely replacement of oil machine filter and other easy to lose items.

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