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Starter introduction

April 20, 2023

Latest company news about Starter introduction

Starter introduction


According to the working principle, the starter is divided into DC starter, gasoline starter, compressed air starter and so on. Most internal combustion engines use direct current electric starter, which is characterized by compact structure, simple operation and easy maintenance. Gasoline starter is a small gasoline engine with clutch and variable speed mechanism, large power and less affected by temperature, can start large internal combustion engine, and is suitable for high cold zone. Compressed air starters are divided into two categories: one is to drive compressed air into the cylinder in a working order, and the other is to use a pneumatic motor to drive the flywheel. The use of compressed air starter is similar to that of gasoline starter and is usually used to start large internal combustion engines.
Dc starter is composed of DC series motor, control mechanism and clutch mechanism. It is specialized to start the engine, requires a strong torque, so the flow of electricity through the hundreds of amperes.
Dc motor at low speed torque, high speed torque gradually becomes smaller, very suitable for the start of the motor.
The starter adopts DC series motor, rotor and stator are wound with thick rectangular copper wire; Driving mechanism adopts reduction gear structure; The control mechanism adopts electromagnetic suction mode.

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