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Sources of impurities in diesel oil

April 21, 2023

Sources of impurities in diesel oil


Diesel grid in the engine oil supply, although isolated from the outside world, impurities in the surrounding environment is difficult to enter the engine, but there are still impurities in diesel. Impurities fall into two main categories:
The first is the metal particles worn down by the parts of the internal combustion engine in operation and the dust and sand from the refueling mouth when the diesel is added.
The other is organic matter, black mud, which is produced by chemical changes at high temperatures during the intense operation of internal combustion. They cause a chemical change in the combustion of diesel oil, and the consequence is that a lot of soot is produced which affects the life of the internal combustion engine. Once the diesel filter fails. These are very unfavorable to the machine performance, resulting in black smoke engine, serious power reduction, forcing overhaul in advance.

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