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Overview of diesel engine

April 17, 2023

Latest company news about Overview of diesel engine

Overview of diesel engine


Diesel engines are engines that burn diesel fuel for energy release. It was invented by the German inventor Rudolf Diesel in 1892. In honor of the inventor, diesel is referred to by his surname, Diesel, and diesel engine is also called Diesel engine. Advantages: 1, long life and economic durability. Diesel engine speed is low, the relevant parts are not easy to aging, parts wear less than gasoline engine, life is relatively long, no ignition system, less auxiliary electrical appliances, so the failure rate of diesel engine is much lower than gasoline engine. 2. High security. Compared with gasoline, it is not volatile, has a higher ignition point, and is not easy to be ignited or exploded by accident, so the use of diesel is more stable and safe than that of gasoline. 3. Low speed and high torque. Diesel engines usually achieve high torque at very low RPM, which is superior to gasoline engines on complex roads, climbs, and loads

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