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Cylinder head crack measures

April 17, 2023

Latest company news about Cylinder head crack measures

Cylinder head crack measures


1. The cylinder head bolt should be tightened evenly and the oil supply time should be adjusted correctly.
2, the water tank should add soft water, and as little as possible to change the water.
3. The engine should avoid working under overload for a long time.
4. When the engine is working and the water tank is occasionally short of water, the engine should not be turned off immediately, but the water should be slowly added at low speed. It is not allowed to add cold water after the engine is heated. After stopping, the water should be released after the water temperature is below 40℃. Winter season start can not immediately add boiling water, but should first heat water and add boiling water.
5, the assembly should check whether the cooling water holes are smooth. Regular use of alkaline solution to clean cooling system, timely removal of scale oil

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