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Classification of transmission

April 18, 2023

Classification of transmission

1. According to the way the transmission ratio changes, the transmission can be divided into three types: stepwise, stepless and integrated.

(a) Graded transmission: there are several fixed transmission ratios to choose from and it is geared. It can be divided into two kinds: ordinary gear transmission with fixed gear axis and planetary gear transmission with partial gear (planetary gear) axis rotation.
(b) Continuously variable transmission: The transmission ratio can be continuously changed within a certain range. Common types are hydraulic, mechanical and electric, etc.
(c) Integrated transmission: consisting of both a stepped-type transmission and a continuously variable transmission whose transmission ratio can vary continuously within several stages between a maximum and a minimum.
2. According to the control mode, transmission can be divided into forced control type, automatic control type and semi-automatic control type three.
(a) Forced control transmission: The driver directly controls the gear shift lever to shift.
(b) Automatic transmission: Transmission ratio selection and shift are automatic. The driver only needs to manipulate the accelerator pedal, and the transmission can control the actuator according to the load signal and the speed signal of the engine to realize the shift of gear.
(c) Semi-automatic control transmission: It can be divided into two categories, one is partial automatic gear shift, some gear manual (forced) shift; The other is to select the gear with the button in advance, when the clutch pedal is pressed or the accelerator pedal is released, the actuator changes the gear by itself.

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