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Abnormal sound of transmission

April 18, 2023

Abnormal sound of transmission

Abnormal sound of transmission refers to the abnormal sound of transmission when it is working.
Reason 1) Abnormal gear noise gear wear too much thin, clearance is too large, there is impact in operation; Poor tooth meshing, such as failure to replace gears in pairs during repair. New and old gear matching, gear can not mesh correctly; Tooth surface metal fatigue spalling or individual tooth damage broken; The spline on the gear and shaft is loose, or the axial clearance of the gear is too large; Shaft bending or loose bearing cause gear meshing clearance change 2 bearing ring bearing wear serious; The inner (outer) seat ring of the bearing matches loosely with the journal (hole); Bearing ball breakage or ablative pitting 3 other reasons such as transmission oil shortage, lubricating oil too thin, too thick or bad quality; The transmission fell into the foreign body; Some fastening bolts are loose; Odometer flexible shaft or odometer gear ring fault diagnosis and elimination

(1) transmission metal dry friction sound, that is, lack of oil and oil quality is not good. Oil should be refueled and checked the quality of the oil, and replace it if necessary.

(2) When driving, if the noise is obvious, it is the gear teeth wear of the gear; If there is a periodic sound, the individual teeth are damaged

(3) when the neutral ring, and step down the clutch pedal after the sound disappeared, generally for a shaft before, after the bearing or often engaged gear ring; If you change into any gear, most of the sudden crash sound occurs when the two-shaft bearing ring

④ transmission is working, and most of the teeth are broken. The transmission cover should be removed in time to check, so as to prevent damage to the parts. When driving, the transmission only rings when you change into a gear. In addition, it may also be the synchronizer gear wear or damage, should be repaired or replaced according to the situation. ⑥ gear impact and ring, it may be the clutch can not be separated or clutch pedal stroke is not correct, synchronizer damage, idle speed is too large, gear lever adjustment or guide bushing tight. In this case, first check whether the clutch can be separated, and then adjust the idle speed or shift lever position respectively to check the tightness of the guide bushing and the separation bearing.

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