AKC200A275A Mitsubishi Engine Spare Parts Genuine New FV515 8DC9 For Tanker

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Mitsubishi
Certification: TS 16949
Model Number: Mitsubishi Tanker
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: CARTON BOX
Delivery Time: 5-8 DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000 PCS PER WEEK
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Detail Information

Brand Name: Mitsubishi Model: Mitsubishi Tanker
Condition: Good Quality: Guaranteed
Place Of Origin: China Name: Mitsubishi Engine Spare Parts
High Light:

AKC200A275A Mitsubishi Engine Spare Parts


Genuine New Mitsubishi Engine Spare Parts


AKC200A275A Compressor Assy

Product Description

Compressor assy High Quality Genuine New FV515 8DC9 AKC200A275A For Mitsubishi Tanker















Excellent Water Pump

F20C 16100-3302 WATER PUMP E13C 16100-E0451 WATER PUMP
EF750 16100-2393 WATER PUMP EH700 16100-1170 WATER PUMP
EK100 16100-2466 WATER PUMP OLD EK100 16100-3122 water pump
H07C 16100-2370 WATER PUMP H07D 16100-2971 WATER PUMP UPPER
HO7D 16100-2973 WATER PUMP J05C 16100-E0270 WATER PUMP
J08C 16100-3467 WATER PUMP J08E 16100-0070 WATER PUMP EXCAVATOR
J08E 16100-E0021 WATER PUMP BUS K13C 16100-3112 WATER PUMP
K13CTS 16100-3820 WATER PUMP K13CTV 16100-3670 WATER PUMP
K13D K13CTE 16100-3320 WATER PUMP P11C 16100-3354 WATER PUMP 23
P11C 16100-3781 WATER PUMP 22 P11C 16100-03811 WATER PUMP
P11C 16100-3910 WATER PUMP W04D 16100-2342 WATER PUMP
W06E 16100-2531 WATER PUMP


Engine Assembly and Engine Parts for More models as following:

Brand Models
ISUZU 4JA1/4JB1/4JG2/4JX1/4EE1/4ZE1/4ZD1/4EE1T/4BD1
NISSAN TD25/TD27/TD27T/TD42/QD32/SD22/SD23/SD25/KA24
MITSUBISHI 4D30/4D30A/4DR7/S4S/6D16/4G13/4G54/4G63/4G64
1RZ/1KZ/1HZ/1FZ/3S/5S twoo auto parts
KIA J2/JT/S2/XA/VN/JS/J3/B3/KIA/PRIDE/MATIZ/TICO OK65C10100/OK75A10100/OVN0110100/OK48010100
KOMATSU 4D95/4D94E/6D105/6d95/4D130
IVECO 2.5L//2.8L
PEUGEOT 405/505/206/
Mercedes-Benz OM355/OM442
Daihatsu DL/SL


About us:
Twoo Auto Industrial LImited has been supplying Hino, Mitsubishi , Isuzu Nissan UD ... Vehicle accessories. Such as engine, transmission, starter, alternator, transfer case, drive shaft, differential, before and after the bridge, shock absorber, brake disc, brake pump, the direction of the machine, door, poles, lamps and lanterns, rearview mirror, instrument and so on. We promises our clients : all goods from our company, can past loading test. Large objects such as gearbox can loading cargo after commissioning. If there is any quality problem on approval

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More Spare Parts:
AKC200A275A Mitsubishi Engine Spare Parts Genuine New FV515 8DC9 For Tanker 1
Japan original complete used 4D33 4D34 4D35 canter diesel engine with good condition
Japanese engine spare parts for isuzu mitsubishi hino nissan toyota

AKC200A275A Mitsubishi Engine Spare Parts Genuine New FV515 8DC9 For Tanker 4
Japan original complete used 4D33 4D34 4D35 canter diesel engine with good condition
Japan original complete used 4D33 4D34 4D35 canter diesel engine with good condition
Japan original complete used 4D33 4D34 4D35 canter diesel engine with good condition
Japan original complete used 4D33 4D34 4D35 canter diesel engine with good condition


(1) Compression process: When the piston is in the lowest position I-I (called the lower stop point or lower dead point), the cylinder is filled with low-pressure refrigerant gas inhaled from the evaporator, and the suction process ends. The piston is driven by the crankshaft linkage
When the initial upward movement, the suction valve closes and the working volume of the cylinder gradually decreases. The pressure and temperature of the gases sealed in the cylinder are gradually increased due to the decrease of the volume, and when the piston moves upwards to positions II-II, the gas pressure in the cylinder rises slightly higher than the pressure in the exhaust cavity. The exhaust valve opens automatically and begins to exhaust. The process by which the refrigerant gas rises in the cylinder from the low pressure at the time of intake to the high pressure at the time of exhaust is called the compression process.
(2) Exhaust process: the piston continues to move upwards, the gas pressure in the cylinder is no longer raised, but continuously outputs to the exhaust cavity through the exhaust valve until the piston moves to the highest position III-III (called the upper stop point or upper dead point) When the exhaust process ends. The process of gas being output from the cylinder to the exhaust chamber is called the exhaust process.
(3) Expansion process: When the piston moves to the position of the upper stop point, due to the gap between the top of the piston and the valve plate, the volume formed by the gap is called the residual gap volume. At the end of the exhaust process, due to the presence of the residual gap, there is a certain amount of high-pressure gas in the cylinder residual volume. When the piston begins to move downwards, the exhaust valve closes. However, the low-pressure vapor in the intake cavity cannot enter the cylinder immediately, but first expands the high-pressure gas remaining in the cylinder due to the increase in volume. Cause the pressure to drop until the pressure in the cylinder drops slightly below the pressure in the suction chamber. The process of moving the piston position from III-III to IV-IV is called the expansion process.
(4) Suction process When the piston moves to the IV-IV position, the intake valve automatically opens. As the piston continues to move downwards, the low-pressure gas continues to enter the cylinder through the intake chamber and intake valve through the evaporator until the piston reaches the position of the lower stop point I-I. This process is called the inspiratory process.
After completing the suction process, the piston moves from the lower stop point to the upper stop point, restarting the compression process, and so on. The compressor goes through the four processes of compression, exhaust, expansion and suction, and sucks the low-pressing refrigerant gas in the evaporator to increase its pressure and discharge it into the condenser, completing the role of suction, compression and pumping of refrigerant.
In the compression process, if the gas contains liquid, due to the increase in temperature and pressure, the droplets evaporate rapidly, and the energy released makes the pressure of the cylinder increase instantaneously, and the resistance of the piston suddenly increases, as if it is hit hard. This is the phenomenon of "liquid strike". "Liquid Strike" can cause damage to the part. If too much liquid is inhaled, because the liquid is incompressible, when it is pushed to the top, if it is too late to drain, the piston cannot go up, which will cause the connecting rod to be deformed or even broken.

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